Your Calendar is in Festive Mood, Plan your Planter now!
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Festive season is coming, plan your planter soon!

Festive season is coming, plan your planter soon!

The calendar dates of upcoming months are all reserved for the festive seasons. And season of festival means the season of gifts! When it comes to gifts, every one of us becomes a hungry wolf who finds it hard to fix a place! After all, that defines our connectivity with our loved ones! So we land up with the thought of something that could never get exhaust with time!

Planting the happiness of your loved ones in a variety of planters clustering them with the soul-binding fragrance of decorative plants! What could be more precious and touching than a gifting a planter?

When your gift is credited with India’s beautiful home accessories brand, ‘HOMECLAY’, luxury gifting brand, ‘GIFTCLAY’ and finest garden accessories brand, ‘BELFIORE’, the level of satisfaction holds no doubt regarding the choice you’ve made!

Our choices when it comes to our loved ones definitely is hard to come by, that’s what HOB makes us easy for clicking in the best gifts we can give! The beauty of nature holds so many different shades that it becomes an unconventional special thing which we can do for the ones we love!

HOB avails many planters that too according to the nature of the person so that you don’t have to dwindle between a rock and a hard place. Here are some of the best picks and their peculiarities which would help you to choose these planters’s suitable possessors!

Deliver gifts that grows

Window box planters: That person who has the best habit of peeping out of the window as soon as he/she wakes up in the morning, Window Box Planters are gonna make their day as they are a perfect addition to every exterior design and covering no extra space!

Endows your loved ones with a planter!

Hanging Planters: Have an English Nazi friend who is fascinated with English literature as well as livelihood? These Hanging planters are definitely gonna flatter his/her because these are an elementary part of the English Garden and have marked their history in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And not to worry, they are so easy to maintain that your friend won’t get distracted from those long books of English Literature. (*winks)

Deliver gifts that grows

Terrariums: Those trendy friends who always experiment some or the perks in their lifestyle out of anything! Terrariums are the best trendy looking mini gardens to beautify their workplace and will keep on inspiring to be trendy as they are!

Endows your loved ones with a planter!

Bonsai Plants: Having a nagging boss always makes everyone nervous! The best option to come out with this is blindly opting for the Bonsai Plants which proves a great gift for business meets or house meets as they symbolizes Harmony and are a perfect charm of beauty! So now since your boss is happy, so are you! (*winks)

Deliver gifts that grows

Traditional style planters: Gift it to the ones who are way health conscious and are linked to creativity! As these planters are moulded with the clay which provide the healing with the element of earth. The unique quality of the pot is that these planters transfer the chill to the water based on the climate!

Endows your loved ones with a lanter!

Rail Planters: Shout out for the person who in your loved ones list enjoys gardening! Hanging these deck railing planters let the gardening area look beautiful, along the length or in the corners of balconies.

Since you’ve a great deal with many of the HOB Products now,

So congratulate boldly, present your emotions proudly, and step in the world of your loved ones heroically!

Your demand is what makes us spreading happiness throughout. Let us embed your emotions into our products by making a special demand!
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