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A world class decor store

Future Thought

Dreaming big is the first step in achieving the grandeur

Future Overview

Working with all major brands across India, HOB vision is to create a better everyday life for all class of people by offering an exhaustive and impressive range of best home decor collection and function at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them, giving people with thin wallets a chance to furnish their homes and garden in a beautiful and functional way.

HOB is mother brand, that envelops three of the most ambitious project of decor Industry. HomeClay, GiftClay & Belfiore. Each brand targeting distinct niches & profound plans for their future. HOB intends to seize all the opportunities of Indian Interior/Decor Industry, and promoting “Make In India”  for this industry too. Acting a platform for designers, architects. House of Belfiore is rediscovering the art of styling houses, one house at a time.