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Career Overview

Our HOB family consists of a collaborative team, believing in creating synergies by helping one another, our store is a designer and creative place requiring artistic instincts to flourish.


Being a part of HOB opens the door to boundless opportunities, by generating a learning class apart from the industry and revolutionary ideas that will help you stand apart. Our unique culture and beliefs gives a creative insight to employees developing a sense of world class aesthetics and at the same time gives feeling of belongingness, giving a chance to explore further in various endeavors.

Employment Philosophy 


HOB stay ahead with a philosophy of dreaming big and creating equal opportunity for one and all.

Current Opportunities

HOB’s distinct work place attitude makes it the coolest place to work at. We create a place where vibrant culture and ethical standard go hand in hand.

Job Application

Apply and grab the opportunity to be a part of this most creative decor store, join us if you have that innate urge to help people make their homes more beautiful.

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